I Listened to the Do It Now Angel…

So, after my blog post yesterday, I gave in and listened to the Do It Now Angel.  Now I’m sore.  You know, the Procrastination Angel will probably try to use that as an reason to put off exercise.  😉

But really, I am a bit sore today… like from my ribcage down to my knees.  My coworkers laughed at me whenever I needed to bend down and pick something up.  Or when I needed to sit down.

So, how did I get so sore?  I exercised for about 3 hours.  I really didn’t mean to do it that long!

I thought that since I didn’t want to argue with the treadmill I’d play with my Kinect until I was nice and sweaty.  That took about an hour.  Then I thought that since I was sweaty anyway, I might as well lift some weights.  So I did until my muscles were shaking… about an hour.  Then I remembered I got an awesome pedometer for Christmas, so I thought I’d set that up.  You know, you can’t just set up something and then not play with it… so I walked around in my neighborhood, up and down the hills for another hour.

Yes, you can laugh at me and my unintentional overdoing it.  My coworkers did, so it’s OK, you can do it too.


I’d forgotten what it was like to be sore after a good workout.  Have I really just been phoning it in this past year?  If so, it might explain my weight gain.  I couldn’t help but peek at the scale these past two days.  Well… not really the scale so much as the Wii Fit.  What can I say? My scale sucks and the Wii Fit will give me a pretty chart!  The Wii says I lost 2 lbs, and the tape measure says I’ve lost 1.5 inches in my waist.  I know it’s water weight, but it’s encouraging!

I woke up late, so no workout this morning.  I’ll have to do it later – sometime between talking some issues over with my sister and visiting my mom.

Mom seems to be doing well.  She keeps asking for pretzels (her favorite treat) and asking when she can go back to her bed (as in, not the hospital bed).  Mom’s roommate said she overheard the doctor say that she was very strong and her recovery should be quick.  That’s great news.  I’ll be talking to people at the rehab facility today to get a better idea of what needs to be done, what improvements they’re wanting to see and a general estimate of time needed. Mom said that they made her stand up at therapy, but she couldn’t remember if she walked or not.  I’ll ask about that too.

So far I like the facility she’s in.  There’s a very diverse (ethnically) staff and they all seem to be happy.  The patients greet them with a smile, and the staff greet the patients by name.

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