Finished quilt: Day Dreaming by Cozy Quilt Designs

I finished a quilt last month. Amazing when you think about how busy I’ve been with birthday, ALA in Chicago, trip to Vegas and adding in an exercise regime.

In the past I’ve gone to The Granary in Sunnyvale for their monthly Happy Hour. Relax, it’s not a bar. It’s a quilt shop. I started going to force myself to expand my quilting horizons… And that it has.

Happy Hour gives you a pattern and most of the fabric for a quilt. Everyone gets the same fabric, but you make it your own with the addition of a background, borders and binding. I’ve made quilts in patterns and colors that I wouldn’t typically try, like Day Dreaming by Cozy Quilt.


The colors in the quilt are definitely not my style, but that’s the point, right? Unfortunately they look washed out in all the photos I’ve taken, but they’re not. They’re really much richer than they appear.


Here’s a close up so you can see what I mean. Also, you can see my quilting.


And here’s the borders and binding. The backing is a buttery yellow flannel so it’s nice and soft.

Still not my style, but I’m glad I’m branching out. 🙂

August 2012 Project #1

August 2012 is quickly coming to a close and that means it’s time to post pictures of my completed projects. I actually completed two, but the second one is in use in DH’s backpack and I don’t want to digging around in there just so I can take a picture. I’ll have to bug him when he gets out of the shower.

This quilt was completed for our second anniversary. Traditionally, people give each other cotton gifts on this occasion, and this quilt is 100% cotton so I think it fits the bill.  I call it the “Us Quilt” because each of the squares represent something that’s important to us now, or something that was important/fun from our courtship. I actually finished the top a couple months after we were married, but I waited on the quilting until I had a few quilts under my belt – I didn’t want to wreck OUR quilt.

Each block is repeated once, and since some photos turned out better than others (you can see 3 blocks, but not the 4th), you get to see 6 sets of blocks.

In all it’s glory on my unmade bed.

1st set of 4 squares (ice cream, coffee with chocolate, pez dispensers, books)

2nd set of 4 blocks (sewing, bbq, coffee with chocolate, pin-up girls and eating out)

3rd set of 4 squares (cocktails, Pez dispensers, conversation hearts, important values)

4th set of 4 blocks (books, storm clouds, bbq, sewing)

5th set of 4 blocks (important values, conversation hearts, computers and games, ice cream)

6th set of 4 blocks (pin-up girls and eating out, computers and video games, storm clouds, shopping)

As I said earlier, each square represents something so it’s more than just the photo on the fabric. For instance, one of our earliest dates happened when we cut class to get ice cream at a nearby fast food restaurant. We used to walk in the rain all the time and we still hang out in the car to listen to the rain on the roof. DH makes his money with computers, and I make mine with books. You get the idea.

Choosing the quilting was the hard part. I didn’t want anything too girly or too masculine because this quilt is about US. I ended up quilting wonky squares across the bulk of the top. I also wanted to find a way to make words of love a part of the quilt, so I quilted words from our vows, our names and the wedding date into the border of the quilt.

Wonky squares make up the bulk of the quilting.

The outside border was quilted with words of love. The binding is leftover Superman fabric

And since we both are Superman fans, I wanted to include some of the leftover fabric from the Superman quilt I completed earlier this year (or was it last year?). I used extra backing fabric to make up the binding, and I fussy cut a piece from a different fabric to decorate the label. The backing is the softest flannel so it’s nice and cozy.

Quilts aren’t complete without a label – this one has Superman. We’re both fans of Kal-el.

The quilt wasn’t completely finished by our anniversary – there were still threads to be buried and a label to attach, but I presented it on August 22nd anyway. Although it’s just a throw, we’ve been sleeping under it ever since.

Photos from Project #2 will be up soon!

July project #2

I officially finished the second project for July 2012 tonight when I buried the last thread and attached a label. This project has been sitting in my queue for quite awhile. I won the fabric for the top and the pattern during a shop hop a few years ago. I guess I never really had a reason to sew it together until now.


This baby quilt was made for a coworker (and I say friend after all of the help/concern he displayed today) of DH’s. The friend, K, and his wife M are expecting their first baby at the end of August. They’ll be having a little girl.

I found a tutorial online for making these cute flowers. And I decided to alternate with hearts. I didn’t know what to do with the border, so I stitched along the wavy pattern to create a little interest.

I chose a cute little frog print for the back so K and M could have a break from all the pink they’re sure to receive at tomorrow’s baby shower.

So, here’s to your new baby, guys! I hope she’s beautiful and healthy and that she brings you both all the joy in the world!

June 2012 Project #2

This project has been mostly finished for about a week. Today I buried the threads and sewed on a quilt label. So, this is project number 2 for June!


When I saw this dinosaur fabric at a quilt store that was closing, I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately I have a standing rule that says “don’t buy fabric if you don’t have a plan for it.” So, I came up with a plan on the spot. 😉

I knew I wanted to make the dinos the focus of the quilt, and I knew I needed to have them be in 6″ squares to have all the dinos fit. Luckily enough I found the coordinating green, orange and blue fabric nearby! The four patch was born.


I was also lucky enough to find the backing at the same store. I knew I wanted the quilting to go along with the dinosaur theme. I couldn’t figure out how to make dino footprints so I settled on dino teeth. ROAR! I used variegated green thread.


I hope my little cousin K loves his roaring dinosaur four patch.

June 2012 Project

I actually finished the quilt top last month. Then I stalled out on my sewing. I’m so used to sewing at the dining room table that when I moved my stuff upstairs it felt a bit foreign. One thing’s for sure though – when we buy a house, I’m getting a better table. The one upstairs is a folding plastic table from Costco. It vibrates way too much to work on consistently. Plus it’s at a weird height. Oh well. Enough about that. You’re here to see a quilt!


I bought the fabric for the squares from a store that went out of business a couple months ago. The border was leftover fabric from the black/white/blue quilt I made for my friend B. This picture doesn’t do the colors justice. The green is a yellowy green but it’s definitely not dark.


Again with the bad lighting – I apologize. I followed the same pattern as last month for the quilt I made for my boss’ new grandson but I used different fabrics this time. It ended up the same size too so I’ll keep it in my stash for the next person who has a new baby boy. And because I made it with babies in mind, the backing is flannel.


There! This is much closer to the actual colors!

I did try fusible batting this time around. I don’t think I’ll use it again. It took twice as long to “baste” the quilt together as compared to my normal pin basting method. It also resulted in a very stiff quilt, which was challenging to quilt. Let’s hope the fusible stuff washes out all the way!

Either way, I’m pleased with the way this turned out.

March 2012 Project

Here is the project I completed for March 2012. My friend B’s birthday is at the end of the month so this will be his present. I hope he likes it!


I did something different with the binding this time. I used a decorative stitch from my machine to add interest. The quilting is all done with straight lines freehand. The lines aren’t perfect by any means, but I like that they make the quilt look a little less geometric.

Here’s a closeup of the binding. I found some really cute polka dot fabric for the back. And because I brought in my finished top when I picked out the backing, I got it for 20% off! Score!


February 2012 Project

I actually pieced this one in November (I think). I remembered last week that I had the stuff I needed to quilt it up! So, here’s my February quilt.



January Project

As some of you may know, one of my goals for 2012 is to finish a quilting or sewing project each month.  I had a few different options for projects, but I decided to finish one that I started in November.  I had most of the fabric (including the backing!) in my stash at that time.  There were a few yards purchased in the November Shop Hop so that I would have enough to complete the quilt.  I quickly pieced the top in those bright inks and greens I currently love so much.  I sandwiched the top, batting and back together and got to quilting.  I got the whole thing quilted and THEN turned it over to survey the back… and was horrified.  Soooo many mistakes.  Mistakes I would have caught had I checked the back WHILE I was quilting.

I decided to leave the bulk of the terrible quilting and pull out the most offensive portions.  It took 3 days to pull out the quilting in the border (the worst spot).  And then I was so disgusted I didn’t want to look at the stupid thing.  So it sat on the sofa, reminding me of my mistake.  By the time I finally got the gumption to re-quilt the border I’d fallen while jogging and everything hurt.  The blanket sat there some more until I decided to finish it for my January project.

So here it is, in all its error filled glory:

Springy pink and green quilt


A closeup of the problematic border

Twisty Quilt

I made a quilt.  It’s full of pretty purples and greens with a little beige and brown thrown in for contrast.  It’s all twisty and interesting looking.  Best of all?  It didn’t cost very much because I mostly made it out of fabric I already had in my stash.

So…  this quilt is totally not me.  The colors aren’t me, but the pattern is.  And try as I might, I don’t “see” who this quilt might be for.

It may just end up being a Christmas present, so I can’t post a picture of it yet.  Gotta keep looking at it and thinking…

County Fair and Birthdayness

Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a party with Warp Core Breaches and Borg Spheres (very alcoholic beverages), BBQ, and friends.  Maybe it’s a sign of me getting older, but I was ready for the party to end about 2 hours before it did.  It was nice though.

My sister and I successfully completed the Shop Hop.  I got all 14 of my charms for the charm bracelet and some awesome fabric for 2 quilt tops.  Once those are done I’ll pick out the backing fabric.  I spent way more than I really wanted to but I had so much fun!  We’re already talking about going on the March Madness Shop Hop next year.

Today my hunny and I went to the Alameda County Fair.  Even when it’s hot, I like to go.  It’s an excuse to see all kinds of quilts, crafts, animals and a few interesting vendors.  I was disappointed though.  Instead of using the Young California building for the quilts and crafts, they smooshed it all into the science building.  The end result was fewer quilts displayed, no crocheted/quilted projects, and a lot of disappointment on my end.

Tomorrow’s plan is to shop for my hunny’s wedding band.  I have an idea of what it might look like but he needs to be happy with it.  After all, he’ll be the one wearing it.  I also have to get my engagement ring cleaned, and my set sized down a little.  Even though I haven’t lost any more weight, my ring has gotten looser and I’m afraid it might fall off.

That’s about it over here.  I think we’re going to try to watch an episode of The 4400… so far it hasn’t lived up to its pilot’s potential.

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