2013 Goals

So, I’ve been thinking about my goals for the coming year. Of course I’ll be focusing on my health. Particularly on losing the weight that I’ve regained. Last week I was at 176 lbs, my goal is to get back down to 145.

It’s completely ridiculous for me to be yo-yoing in my weight, especially since I know what I should be doing. I know how to lose the weight. I know that being lazy, weak and complacent is what got me back up there. And I know that my poor health choices have been at least partially a result of the stress around all the mom stuff.

So there. Goal #1, get back down to 145 by making healthy food choices the majority of the time, and by intentionally sweating (aka exercise) 6 days a week.

My other goal has to do with quilting. I went through and organized my fabric. I had no idea that I had so many “kits” put together that are just waiting to be sewn and quilted. I definitely have enough to keep me busy for the next year. So my goal is to complete the kits and UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) that are sitting there in the grocery bags awaiting my attention. I’m also placing a moratorium on buying new fabric, except as needed to complete the goal (like for backings and bindings).

So that’s goal #2.

I think 2 goals is plenty for this year, especially with everything else going on – mom, trying to buy a house, and general life.

Prizes are still coming. I’m thinking every 10 pounds I get a little prize. I think I get a little prize for every completed quilt.

Prizes are things that I like, but that I can never justify the cost for…
Haircut (10 lbs gone)
Massage (20 lbs gone)
Movie with popcorn and snacks (30 lbs gone)

I’ll need to re-count my projects to come up with the right number/scale of prizes. I’ll post again later once I’ve figured that out.

Small Change

Remember how at the beginning of the year, I posted that one of my goals was to complete 1 quilting or sewing project each month? I’ve been doing really well with that, right? Well, I’m going to have to amend that goal.

I’d defined “complete” as being completely ready to use or gift… all the way down to the label and binding being attached. But here’s the thing: DH and I are planning to buy a house within the next few months. We know that whatever home we buy will need some kind of work, even if it’s just paint and floors. So, to afford these future costs, we’re cutting expenses now and putting that money aside.

I’m still planning on finishing quilt tops. I have a lot of fabric that’s set aside for specific projects. I just don’t have enough fabric for backing so that I can actually complete the quilts.

So that’s it… just a little change to the terms of my goals… 🙂

Food and Fitness Goals for 2012

I’m sitting on the couch pondering my goals for the next year, and letting them marinate in my brain.  The ones that I’m thinking about the most right now are the fitness goals and the food goals, mostly because they go hand in hand.  And also because there are some limitations to what I can do right now.

Let’s start by further defining the food goals:

  1. Cut out wheat and rice
  2. Eat “real” food
  3. Cook one new recipe each week

I’m focusing on the food goals because those are usually the most difficult for me to follow/stick with, and because they have a direct impact on my fitness goals.

Cut out wheat and rice
Hmmm… OK, this one isn’t really what it sounds like.  It doesn’t mean that I will be cutting out all wheat and rice products.  It means that I will be only eating products made with 100% whole grain, 100% brown or wild rice, 100% corn meal.  If there’s any other weird grains, sugars, additives or chemicals added in, it doesn’t go in my belly.

Eat “real” food
I’ve noticed that when I eat food that has lots of “fake” things inside (like additives, flavorings, colorings, preservatives, etc) it takes more to fill me up and I’m not as satisfied.  When I eat real food I need to eat less and I’m generally more satisfied.  OK, to be fair I really like to have a bit of something for dessert, but doesn’t everyone?  So the rule is that the food that goes in my belly needs to be real.  In other words: no weird additives, no weird flavorings added, no weird preservatives, etc.  Birthday parties and other celebrations are the exception to this rule.

Cook one new recipe each week
I’m hoping this one will help me meet the other two food goals.  Plus I know it’ll help me meet the fitness goals.  It’ll also help me put to use the many cookbooks I have at home.

OK, now it’s time to further define the fitness goals

  1. Run a 5k without walking
  2. Complete three 5k’s
  3. Complete two 10k’s
  4. Complete at least 1 half marathon
  5. Wear a bikini in public comfortably

Run a 5k without walking
So, you’d think that with all of this training I’ve done that I could run a few miles without stopping somewhere in there to walk, right?  Well, you’d be wrong.  To tell you the truth, I’ve only run 1 mile without stopping and that was awhile ago.  So, to make myself feel like I deserve to call myself a runner, I’m going to run (or jog, whatever) 3.1 miles without stopping.

Complete three 5k’s
I find that when I’m training, I get bored if I don’t have little things to work towards.  Upcoming races are awesome for the motivation factor and I love how short a 5k feels.  I just need to figure out which 5k’s to complete.  Oh, and complete means just that: complete it.  It doesn’t matter if there’s walking mixed in, as long as they’re done and I’m happy with what I’ve done.

Complete two 10k’s
Again, having upcoming races as motivation is awesome, and a 10k is twice as challenging as a 5k.  So, as I get back into running, I’ll be working towards the 10k length.  And again, complete means complete.  I don’t have to run the whole thing.

Complete at least 1 half marathon
My plan is to complete the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 2, 2012.  I’ll be using the 5 and 10k races I complete along the way as training.  And if I don’t die and if I don’t totally hate it, I’d like to complete the Wine & Dine half marathon in Disney World in November.  So yeah, complete means finish it.

Wear a bikini comfortably in public
As I’m training and eating healthier foods, I should be losing weight along the way.  I’ll also need to work in some weight training too.  I don’t want to be “skinny-fat”, and doing this will help me become a more effective runner too.  So, I know this is cliche, but I’ve never worn a bikini in public because I’ve always been too fat to do so.  Being able to do this would be tangible proof that I’m not the girl they made up a song about in Jr. High.

I’ll come up with a training plan in another post… this one is already too long as it is!

The New Year’s Resolution Post

It’s the first day of 2012.  Millions of people around the world are making resolutions today.  Resolutions designed to fix some aspect of their lives or improve an internal fault.  A couple years ago my resolution was to try a new restaurant every week.  I’d noticed that I (or should I say we) were getting into a rut of eating at the same restaurants all the time.  There wasn’t that sense of adventure or even a sense of trying anything new when we’d go out to eat.  I thought that resolution would fix that problem.  It did, for the most part.  Sometimes we’d realize that it was Saturday night and we hadn’t yet tried a new restaurant, so we’d dash out the door to get the new restaurant in for the week.  Sometimes we’d start the week with good intentions – we’d even have a plan! – only to be derailed because of illness or other life events.  It was a good resolution and a fun one too.

I don’t remember what my resolution was last year.

This year I started out with a long list of resolutions, much like I do every year.  And this year I narrowed that list down to a few major goals:

  1. Household goal: Buy a house.  Not a condo.
  2. Work goal: Get Project+ certified and learn web development technologies
  3. Crafting goal: Finish 1 quilt or sewing project each month
  4. Fitness goal(s): Run a 5k without walking; complete three 5k’s, two 10k’s and at least 1 half marathon; wear a bikini comfortably in public
  5. Food goal(s): Cut out wheat and rice; eat “real” food; cook 1 new recipe each week

I’ll explain, explore and define these goals more as the week goes on.  After all a goal will never be met if it’s not defined.

A day for new goals

2010 was a huge year for me.  I got my Master’s, turned 30 and married the love of my life.  How could I ever top that?  Well, I don’t know that I can or even if I want to (that year took a lot of work!) but it sure was a great year.

Unfortunately, my goals for December didn’t work out so well.  I had a feeling they wouldn’t.  I basically didn’t exercise, ate whatever I wanted, and sat on my ass and read all month.  I know that those are my regular responses to extreme stress and I’m not beating myself up too bad about it.  I’m definitely feeling a lot calmer, less panicked, and better overall.  So let’s try this again, shall we?

Today is January 1, 2011.

My goals for the month of January are:

  • Exercise for at least 45 minutes every day, including cardio and weights
  • Eat within reason – don’t just sit there eating leftover Christmas candy and all the treats brought to work.  Don’t go overboard with fast food.  Make the healthier restaurant choices.
  • Snuggle with DH more.

My goals for the year 2011 are:

  • Lose 20 pounds and get to 140.
  • Have a more professional appearance at work.  Jeans and a t-shirt are not appropriate attire for most managers.
  • Be a better housekeeper.  My home should be company ready at all times.
  • Start catching up to DH’s retirement savings.  He’s got 10 years of saving on me!

Week 9 – Simply Thai, Newark CA

My continuing quest to try a new restaurant every week in 2010…


On Wednesday, my sister and I stopped in at Simply Thai in Newark for lunch.  She’d eaten here a few times before, but I hadn’t so it fit in with my need for a new restaurant every week.

We were seated promptly at one of the few bench seats (grrr) in the restaurant at the tail end of lunch.  They quickly filled our water glasses, but took quite a while to take our order.  Just as I started to become impatient the waiter arrived.  I ordered the Panang Chicken lunch and she ordered the BBQ Chicken lunch.

The food arrived relatively quickly.  The curry sauce for the Panang Chicken was creamy and yummy.  It reminded me of a mix between yellow and red curry, but the menu said that it’s actually a different kind.  My sister’s BBQ chicken was good as well.  The flavor of the chicken was similar to satay chicken, but the sauce was not.  She said the sauce was sweet and yummy.  We each also received a bowl of soup, an egg roll, white rice, and salad with peanut sauce (nut allergies beware!).

Our water glasses were kept filled throughout the meal and our bill was handled quickly.  I also liked that every time I said “thank you” they actually responded with “you’re welcome.”  Not a grunt, not a nod, actual words!

For our two meals and one cup of tea it was under $20 plus tip for lunch.

Week 8 – Kaenyama, Fremont CA

In my quest to try a new restaurant every week, my fiance and I decided to try this restaurant on for size on Sunday afternoon. From the outside it looked closed, but the number of cars in the parking lot was a better indicator of its open status.

We were immediately greeted and seated. The host showed us the list of specials for the day and went back to his post. Our waitress asked us “What do you want to drink?” No other words passed her lips. We responded “tea please.” She rolled her eyes and walked off. 10 minutes later our tea arrived, but she didn’t stick around to take our order.

We overheard her at the next table saying “What do you want to eat?” Then she came to us and asked the same question. My fiance ordered a couple of rolls (they weren’t memorable). I ordered the tropical shrimp. Both meals were OK. His fish seemed fresh. I finished most of mine, but thought that the sauce they put on the fruit did nothing for the flavoring.

Overall, the place has a cool look, but the mediocre food and abrupt wait staff didn’t make me want to return. It might be fun to try the teppanyaki with a larger group, but I’m not impressed with this restaurant.

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