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I’d told myself that I was going to repeat Week 4.  I wasn’t happy with my performance for that week and then I ended up not working out for 2 weeks, so I thought I really needed to try that one again.

I really did not want to exercise when I woke up this morning.  In fact, I really did not want to get my tushie out of my nice warm bed.  But I did it anyway.  I put on my workout attire, stumbled down the stairs and got mad at the stuff in the way of my treadmill.  I moved it out of the way, set up the machine, and then started the coffee.  By that time I could almost see straight so it was time to get started.

Today I had a brisk 5 minute warmup walk, followed by 5 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking and a final 5 minutes of jogging.  I added in another 1.5 minutes of cool down walking.  I ended up going 1.88 miles in 27 minutes, 27 seconds.  According to Daily Mile that’s an average rate of 15 minutes/mile.  Then I stretched a bit and had breakfast.

The way it really happened is that I started out repeating week 4, which starts with a 3 minute jog.  I wanted to see if I could go for 5 minutes (and I did), so I ended up doing Week 5 instead.  The first jog was pretty easy.  The second jog started out easy and became more challenging towards the end.  The final jog required me talking myself through it and doing that mental countdown thing I do to finish.

I have noticed that it’s really difficult to stretch my left leg after I’m finished jogging.  I know it has to do with my knee getting stiffer and just not wanting to move.  I’ve also noticed that if I don’t force the stretches on that leg, then I end up with a stiff, achy knee for the rest of the day.  Weird huh?

I’m so excited that I was able to complete this workout.  This is the farthest that I’ve ever been in C25K.  I’m gonna keep going!

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