Nope, not dead

I know you must all be thinking that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth or something.  I assure you, that’s not the case.  I’ve just been busy!  And lazy…

I fully intended to continue jogging last week.  I’d planned on repeating Week 4 of C25K.  But then I started throwing up.  A lot.  Not fun.  My boss wasn’t too happy with the missed days of work either after I’d already been away from the branch for a week for training and would be away for the California Library Association (CLA) conference.  Well, what can ya do?  It’s really a choice between puking at work (and grossing everyone out) and puking at home where you can huddle in bed.  I think I made the wise decision.

Then I thought that I’d just jog while I was in Sacramento at CLA.  I didn’t want to jog in an unfamiliar environment, so I chose a hotel with a gym inside.  I packed my exercise clothes too.  Then I went downstairs to the “gym” and found a broken elliptical, broken bike, and a treadmill that wouldn’t go above 2.5 mph.

So, no jogging last week.  Or this week either.  *sigh*  I suck.

Monday will be better.  I’ll repeat week 4 and continue from there.

Now, with what’s left of the day, I still need to run errands (banking, get a new house key made, grab potluck stuff) and head to a party (the reason for the potluck stuff).  Tomorrow will be filled with work and a housewarming party for one of DH’s coworkers.  I’ll also try to post a bit about CLA, what I learned there, and how I might apply it at work.

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