Date Night: iSushi in Castro Valley

Every Thursday is date night, and this past Thursday was no exception.  Because we’re always looking for new restaurants with great food, and we hadn’t yet tried this one, we chose to eat at iSushi for date night.

DH and I walked in and noticed how cramped the place was.  Well, there’s not a lot you can do about that when space is at a premium, so we asked to be seated at the tall table in the far corner.  We figured it would give us extra room.  Then we opened the menu.

There are lots and lots of different rolls and appetizers and things, but it’s difficult to tell how many pieces you get with each roll and appetizer.  You can’t base it off of price either because all of the choices (except for rice and soup) were $10+.  I ordered the Jada and a miso soup, DH ordered the iSushi.  We shared a sake sampler.

I saw the different plates come out to all of the tables and had a very bad feeling.  Most of the plates only had 3-4 pieces on them instead of the normal 6-8 pieces you get with a roll anywhere else.  Then ours came out…  the Jada, while very tasty only had 2 pieces and the iSushi had 5 slices of tuna.

Even though we were both still hungry, neither one of us could stomach paying for more.

So, bottom line is: if you like feeling crowded and want to pretend to be a millionaire, eat at iSushi.  The food is really yummy, and the sake sampler was tasty.  The people were nice too.

Week 3 – Naru Sushi

Week 3 in my adventures with meeting my New Year’s resolution to try a new restaurant every week.


This week I decided to try Naru Sushi in Newark (  It had been on my list since December because of the signs outside that mentioned 99-cent sake bombs.  Unfortunately I got sick, and it just didn’t seem fair to go to a place that offered such a great price on sake bombs without being able to try them.  So, we finally got to go on Wednesday.

First off, this place seems very mom-n-pop which is always a plus for me.  I really like to support local businesses, especially if they’re not corporately owned.  One negative is that they had bench seating, where all the tables are in a row along one long bench.  The lack of intimacy and privacy really bugs me, but it seems to be normal these days.

The employees were really nice and were very attentive.  They brought out tea and edamame.  We each got a sake bomb, but drank the sake and beer separately ’cause that’s how we roll.  The sake was warm and sweet, the beer was Sapporo.  Yum.  We also ordered miso soup, and then we shared the cherry blossom roll and the spicy rainbow roll.  The miso was light, not too salty, and the tofu was creamy.  The cherry blossom roll was plated nicely with a nice flavor.  The spicy rainbow roll was plated much like any other roll might be with each piece staggered.  It wasn’t very spicy though, which was a disappointment for me.

Overall, I really liked this place.  The bathroom was clean, the people were nice and the food was tasty.  If they didn’t have bench seating it would be a perfect sushi experience for me.

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