Weight Loss TV

I’m not a big fan of TV in general.  I don’t really have the time to watch it, especially specific shows every week.  I do try to make the time to watch weight loss TV shows like The Biggest Loser on Hulu, though.

I’ve tried to analyze why I like this particular type of TV as opposed to regular shows or other reality tv.  I think it’s because I can see parts of myself and those I love in the people on these shows.  And I always love the transformations they go through and the emotional growth I see.  But I’m still dissatisfied – probably because the people on these shows are so overweight that they’re in even worse condition than most of the people I know.

I wish they’d make some kind of weight loss/healthy living show for people who don’t need to lose hundreds of pounds.  They need to make a show for people that really only need to lose 40 pounds or learn how to cook healthy foods or fit everything in with a super busy life.  It’s not just about the weight loss for the average person in my life.  It’s about other things as well.

I know the spectacle sells, but it doesn’t reflect the majority of what I see in my life.  I wish TV did sometimes.

Home Again

I ended up staying home again today.  Stomach issues that don’t let you be too far from a bathroom aren’t fun.  So I laid on the couch and watched TV all day.

Since I’m all caught up on Biggest Loser, I watched other things.  MTV has a show called “I Used to be Fat” about teens that are graduating from high school and want to use their summer to lose weight and get in shape.  They’re furnished with a personal trainer and a diet plan to accomplish this goal.  It was entertaining, but MTV’s online video playback sucks.  I could only watch 3 episodes and the others were “temporarily unavailable.”

With that disappointment, I went on to another show called “Intervention.”  That one involves alcohol and drug addicts who think they’re doing a documentary about addicts only to find that their families are staging interventions.  Sometimes the interventions work, sometimes they don’t.  Watching their addictions is super sad though.

Then I found a show called “Kicked Out.”  It’s based on the idea that lots of adults are still living at home, but not because they’ve experienced hard times.  It’s because they’re slackers.  Their parents are sick of the mooching, so they kick the slacker out for 2 weeks while the slacker learns to live on their own.  This one was entertaining, but annoying at the same time.  I was amazed at how many of the parents were complete enablers who placed no limitations on their children or required them to meet minimum expectations for staying at home.

DH and I were talking about this issue of spoiled children.  When we were just out of high school there were minimum requirements to be met for our parents to allow us to stay at home.  My mom’s requirements were that I go to school full time or work full time and pay my own bills.  DH’s parents had similar requirements. So my question is: why haven’t the parents in this show even attempted something similar with their children?

I’m not saying our parents were perfect by any means, or that we moved out very quickly (I think we were 27 when we finally flew the coop) but at least we had expectations to meet.  Those expectations got us into the mode of taking care of ourselves.  Why is it so hard for those other parents to do something similar with their kids?

Ugh.  I can feel this starting to be a rant about kids and parents and what I see at the library every day.  But I’ll stop here by saying that everyone needs limits and expectations to meet.  Especially people that are too inexperienced to set them for themselves.

TV on DVD (or Netflix… whatever)

I’m a busy gal, and my husband is a busy guy.  I’m only saying this to let you know where I’m coming from when I say that I really dislike TV.  Well, not the TV exactly.  More like the TV shows that I want to see that come on at a time that’s not convenient for me to watch.  Most people would suggest that we get a DVR to answer this problem, but I refuse to pay extra on my (already exorbitant) cable bill just so that I can watch a few TV shows.  Especially since we already subscribe to Netflix, and Hulu is free.

Since I refuse to pay anything more for cable than I already am, that really does leave me with few options.  And, because I really hate to wait for a new season to come out, that cuts down on my options even more.  As a result, I’m left with watching canceled TV shows on DVD, Netflix or Hulu.

We’re working our way through the Terminator: Sara Connor Chronicles on Netflix right now.  It’s pretty bad.  Lots of plot holes and a whiny teenager who will somehow grow into a resistance leader.

So, this will end soon… any suggestions for our next show?

There’s No Such Thing as a Snow Day

Living in the temperate climate of the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve never had a snow day.  Sometimes it bums me out, but then I remember that not having snow days makes it that much easier to do the things I want to do when I want to do them.  Since I’ve never had one, it’s impossible for me to say what I’d do to stay entertained during a snow day.  But, we all have sick days.  You know, the days when you’re too sick to go to work/school but not sick enough to sleep all day?

You can tell just how sick I am by how much activity I do.  If I’m laying like a lump on the couch, drifting in and out of dreamland, then you know I’m really sick.  As I get better, even just a little bit better, I get antsy.  Sadly, I can only watch so much TV, read so many books and write so many blogs before I need to get up and move. Have you ever seen someone who is terribly sick try to do something useful?  It’s comically sad, really.

My mind’s capacity for concentration simply isn’t there when I’m sick.  I’ll be making a grocery list and halfway through I’ll get distracted by heating up soup for lunch.  I’ll watch a training program online and somewhere in there a link for something else will pop up and I’ll click that instead.  I’ll start paying bills and go off track when I see the links for mortgage information.  So then I end up with a lot of half finished projects which sometimes include a mess and be too tired to finish any of them.  Not such an ideal situation.

My coworkers say that they can tell how I’m feeling by how hard I have to think and how many words I “forget” when I’m answering a question.  It’s not a pretty sight.

So, in a nutshell, when I have a sick day I sleep a lot, watch TV, read books, goof off on the internet, breathe lots of steam and get myself into trouble.

Fraggle Rock!

Do you remember Fraggle Rock? It’s a TV show by Jim Henson that was on when I was a kid. I used to watch it all the time, but it was with much trepidation that I checked it out from the library when I saw it on the shelf. I don’t know why I was so worried. I suppose I worried that it just wouldn’t be as cool as it was when I was a kid. But I can tell you that I was concerned for nothing. It’s still awesome!

So here’s the theme – enjoy!

Fraggle Rock Intro

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