I’m still alive

I’m still here… things have been busy around here. I’ve been preparing for Mom’s memorial, trying to play nice with my sister (for now), and doing my best to keep things together. It’s hard, though, you know?

So, either way, DH and I went for a jog today. My first since the half marathon. That was pretty tough even though it was only a minute of jogging at a time. Exercise helps with depression, and I need to start training for the next half marathon anyway, right?

Then my brother came over to cook for us. It was delicious. And I worked on the scrapbook for the memorial. And I bought new eyeglasses. And I finally put away the Christmas tree/decorations (yes, I know it’s February). I still have Christmas presents to give out too. And my car’s transmission is going, which makes me a bit sad and scared.

I just feel like I need a week off with nothing to do but quilt and center myself. I want to be alone in my quiet house so that I can just relax without anyone or anything needing attention. Maybe that’ll come sometime in March. A gal can hope, right?

I think I’ll feel better once I have the scrapbook done for the memorial because then I won’t have such a messy dining room table. I’ll be able to put all the scrapbooking stuff away and just focus on scanning all the old photos I came across on my nifty new scanner. Of course the photos are all being labelled and filed on my computer like any good librarian would do. 🙂

But for now my days are filled with scrapbooking, scanning and trying to keep a good balance. Wish me luck.


It’s been kinda… meh.

It’s time for another goals check-in! So far I have to say I’ve been pretty “meh” about the goals – at least about the ones that aren’t fun. The one that I’m falling down the worst on is eating real food. It’s sooo hard for me to do that one. I don’t know why. Is it the will-power thing? Is it lack of planning? I don’t know. I just know that it’s way too easy to eat weird stuff.

To a lesser extent I’m having issues with avoiding white stuff. When I’m home it’s pretty easy to avoid it. The only white things I have in my house are sugar and flour – and those are saved for baking. But when we go out to eat, it becomes a lot harder. Same thing at work too.

I downloaded a C25K app on my iPhone the other day. I had plans of working through it with DH starting today (he wants to run a half marathon with me, but he doesn’t run now). He got sick this weekend so I started it myself. The app is pretty good. I like having the audio cues so that I don’t have to look at my phone so much. The only down side is that it doesn’t keep track of how far I run. When I got home I had to figure it out with mapping software. Oh well. The point of the app is to use it as a cheat sheet for the C25K program, right? Right. I won’t be ready to run the whole 5k that I signed up for on March 11, but I’ll be ready for the next one.

So far I haven’t looked any further than the 5K in March. I should probably get on it and sign up for a couple more 5K’s and a couple of 10K’s too.

I’ve already finished 2 projects for February. Both are bags. One is cute, the other not so much. I also screwed up on a handle for the not cute bag. Oh well, it adds to the charm, right?

I’ve been doing super well with cooking a new recipe each week. Last night I made a super simple shrimp dish. Last week I made beef stroganoff. Oh, and today I’m trying my hand at a berry cobbler from our new Disney cookbook. I’m not sure what to make of the cobbler… it doesn’t look “right” to me.

I haven’t gotten started with the computer/work related goals either. I probably should start to do that soon.

Oh! And I did the first step for buying a house – I got our taxes ready to file. I just need to look at them one more time, get DH to hook up the printer again, and file them. I also got the paperwork together to change my name on our checking account. I want to start going through closets and cabinets and storage to get rid of things I don’t want to move into a new place. I know we’re several months away from buying, but I don’t want to have the added stress of a mad-tossing party.

I’ve also been helping my brother out with his blog (http://goesgreatwithbeer.com). He comes over once a week and cooks a meal. The meal is paired with beer. We post the recipe and a picture. He took a couple weeks off because I wasn’t home, but we’re back up and running now.

OK – it’s just about time to fold the laundry. Then I need to figure out what else is on today’s to do list. Until next time!


The cute bag



The not so cute bag


I’m Back!

Today on a long car ride with my sister doing the Shop Hop By the Bay, I realized that it’s been a while since I posted anything!  It’s like I graduated and then fell off the face of the earth or something.  Well, I didn’t.

So, let’s see… where to start?  Since I graduated there have been a series of parties at my house.  Most of them have been the “everyone come over, play video games and drink” kind of parties.  Of course, there was the huge graduation bash and on Friday I’ll have a birthday bash.  Food, liquor, and video games will be plentiful.  I just have to magically find the time to clean my house – or at least the public areas!

My hunny’s been working on cleaning out the second bedroom so that I have a place to sew and scrapbook again.  The progress is going much slower than I’d like, but I’m hoping that the purchase of a server rack and me moving the DVDs into zippered binders will help get the ball rolling.  Next I need a shredder and a plan for organizing the scrapbooking materials, printed bills, and books.  I’m going to leave the computer stuff to him.

Then, of course there’s the wedding stuff.  Invites still haven’t gone out – I know, I know… I’m lagging.  By Friday at the latest!  My sister and I designed them, then she assembled them.  They’re beautiful.  I’ll post pictures soon.  The girls bought their dresses, we figured out what mom’s wearing, ordered the flower girl dresses.  The only things left to do are finish paying for it, assemble the centerpieces, figure out the tuxes, buy his wedding band and get the license.  With 2 months to go I think we’re doing OK.

Work has been incredibly busy.  On a typical Sunday (4 hours open) we’ll circulate the same number of items that we did on a Saturday (7 hours) at the old building.  The rest of the week is just as busy.  We’ve had tons of great programs and the community support is awesome.  None of this would be possible without the excellent staff in my library.  They all work really hard and take great pride in their work.

So, now it’s about time to start in on The 4400.  It’s a show I’ve been interested in watching, and now that we have it on DVD and I’m done with school I have time to snuggle and watch tv with my hunny.

I’ll post again soon.  I plan to update more regularly from now on.

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