The Library Workout

I just thought of an awesome new workout: the Library Workout!  Basically it involves things we do every day at the library, but more concentrated.  And of course it would have to be done in a library setting.

Want a general, low impact aerobic workout?  Push a full cart of books up and down each aisle 2-3 times.

Want to work your lower body?  Do squats as you shelve on the lower shelves.  Bonus points if you stay in that squat position as you move from section to section.   Ooooh!  Or do lunges from section to section.  Do calf raises as you shelve at eye-height.

Want to work your upper body?  Shift a collection of books (move the whole collection from one spot to another).  You can also use this as an opportunity to work your abs if you keep them tight as you twist and bend.

What do you think?  Will it sell?

I re-learned the Library Workout yesterday during our shift of the Children’s collection.  Early Readers are being moved to where Moving Up used to be.  Moving Up is being moved to where New Picture Books used to be.  New Picture Books are on a gondola at the entrance to the department…  Today and tomorrow includes shifting the old Picture Books to create more room for that collection; moving old Board Books down a shelving unit; and displaying New Picture Books and New Board Books on another shelving unit.

So, yesterday’s Library Workout focused on the upper body portion.  My abs and arms are so sore!  It’s good, but there’s still 2 more days of this.  Eeek!

Non-jogging day

I jogged/walked yesterday, so today was dedicated to strength training.  I have free weights at home (they’re dumbbells, really) that I use since we don’t have a gym membership.  I worked with the 2.5 lb weights and did 60 reps of each upper body exercise.  I don’t know what the exercises are called, but they left my arms feeling worked.

I went without weights for my abs and lower body.  I did 60 crunches and 60 of those other things that work the obliques.  Again, no clue on what they’re called.  My sides are a bit tired, but I feel like I could do more crunches.  We’ll see how that feels tomorrow.

For lower body, I avoided anything that involved bending my knees a lot.  After last nights jog/walk, my knee is on the achy side, so I really wanted to try to give it a rest to prep for tomorrow’s jog/walk.  Again, I did 60 of each, but I don’t know what they’re all called.

A lot of these exercises I learned with a personal trainer and through various exercise DVDs.  I’ll work on figuring out their names, but their names don’t really matter, just the results, right?

Dinner was leftover spaghetti sauce from the freezer reheated and put over spaghetti noodles.  It tasted pretty good!

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