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My hunny went to a work-related conference where they stressed the importance of a professional web presence, especially in a web2.0 world.  So, he jumped in and created his first blog about professional development.  It’s about computer stuff, so beware if you’re not interested in technical talk.

Thing #15: Library 2.0

For this thing we were to read a couple different webpages about Library 2.0 and what it means for us and for the future.  Then we were supposed to write a blog entry about it.

“Into a New World of Librarianship” by Michael Stephens talked about what it means to be a 2.0 Librarian.  He writes that a 2.0 Librarian plans for their users, making sure to break down barriers to allow information access everywhere.  In doing this they should be avoid creating policies and procedures that impede such access and take away the transparency that library users want. 

The 2.0 Librarian should embrace Web2.0 tools, but not embrace them to the point of “technolust.”  These tools should work, fill a need, or create a service that’s useful for the library’s users.  In doing this, the 2.0 Librarian is a trendspotter, and makes good, fast decisions while listening to what the staff and users really want when they’re planning for the future.

I thought Stephens’ page had some good points about embracing technology while avoiding technology for technology’s sake.  I often worry that techie folks are techies just because they like collecting the technology, not because it’s useful.  If libraries become the same way, then they will suffer from technology overload and do no good for themselves or their customers.

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