Lemon Cake

We celebrated my nephew’s birthday this weekend.  Well, the people living over there did.  I wasn’t invited for the cake, ice cream and presents.  I’m a bit hurt because I literally live 10 minutes away… but that’s not what this blog post is about.  It’s about cake.

My nephew’s cake this year is lemon cake with the thickest vanilla butter cream they could find.  Homemade of course.  I was surprised that he chose lemon.  Most of the kids I know go for white or chocolate cake.  He’s got a sophisticated cake palate. 

Our Cake: by Lettie Cakes

Our Cake: by Lettie Cakes

Inevitably, eating a slice of his cake while watching Mom brought back memories of my wedding cake.  It was three layers.  The bottom layer was lemon cake with lemon curd filling.  The center layer was chocolate cake with mocha butter cream filling.  The top layer?  It was fake.  The whole cake was covered in white butter cream with blue squiggles and chocolate covered strawberries on every layer.  There was enough cake for every guest to have a slice of each flavor if they wanted. 

The company is owned by Cheryl Woo, who is dating one of my husband’s coworkers.  That’s how we found her.  She was super nice, and very accommodating.  Plus… she makes cupcakes!  We’re definitely going to order some from her for our first anniversary.  But here’s the question: lemon cake or chocolate cake?  Hmmm…

Free? ehhh… not so much

Does anyone remember how excited I was about my free wedding cake?  My sister traded a computer repair job for the promise of a wedding cake, thus saving me several hundred dollars.  Well, I asked her about setting up a time for tasting and to finalize the design.  She kept putting me off until finally I learned that this person hasn’t been returning her calls or text messages.


Now it’s 49 days till my wedding, and I think I’ll probably have to figure out what to do for a wedding cake.  This last minute crap really bugs me.  I knew better than to trust the idea of the free cake.  I should have said “Thanks!  But let me look around first” or something like that.

Does anyone know of a good, inexpensive wedding cake baker who will deliver in the East Bay?  I guess I’ll just start at the top of the list on yelp and see what happens.

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