Stained No More!

My landlady came in a few months ago to replace the caulking around my bathtub. Unfortunately, she exposed a lot of old mildew stains in the process. This made my sad looking tub seem even worse. My hunny and I scrubbed to no avail and I worried that we would be blamed for this gross-ness… until I found the Clorox Bleach Pen. It’s got 2 sizes of applicators, so I can put it on the area around the caulk (fat side), and I can concentrate on some of the grout lines that aren’t looking so good (thin side). Just apply it, leave it on for a while (I left it on for a few hours to overnight), and wipe away with a wet sponge. Voila! Stained no more!



  1. You can also use a mixture of bleach, rubbing alcohol, and peroxide in your jetted tub (filled with cold water) to clean the jets, etc. Run 10 minutes…

  2. That would work if I was wealthy enough to own a jetted tub and a house to put it in! 😉

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